We are actively engaged in research into the benefits of FMT at our clinic. We have associations with the Austin Hospital Dept Gastroenterology and Victoria University through Bioscreen. 

We have established the National Microbiome Foundation to raise funds for research into the role the gut microbiome plays in health and disease and how faecal transplant may be used to treat disease.


Current research projects under development include:


1. The role of the gut microbiome and metabolome in adults with Depression - Bioscreen/Vic Uni 

2. The effect of FMT as a therapy for adults with Depression - Bioscreen/Vic Uni

3. The role of the gut micorbiome in primary biliary cirrhosis -  Austin Hospital

4. The effect of oral vancomycin plus FMT in primary biliary cirrhosis - Austin Hospital


Future research projects

1. The role of FMT in irritable bowel syndrome - CDD Sydney

2. The effect of FMT from lean donor post gastric bypass in obese human recipients - Austin hospital