Who is eligible for FMTs?

Patients must be over 18 years of age, free from parasites and approved by one of our specialists. 

Why do I need a consultation with the specialist first?

This enables us to put a specialist approved treatment plan in place, to best suit you and your condition. This will help you achieve the best result possible.


Can I do FMTs at home?

Once approved by our specialist you can purchase enema kits from our rooms to administer at home following our strict guidelines. We do not recommend using your own donor and making at home enemas. Not preparing the stool according to strict guidelines can be very harmful for the patient.


How many FMTs will I need?

Commonly we see between 5 & 15, this will however depend on the patient and their symptoms/condition.


Do I have to take antibiotics?

Antibiotics or antimicrobials are used to prepare the gut for the new healthy bacteria in the donor stool. Creating a new environment to be able to survive and grow in.

Your specialist will discuss with you the pros and cons of antibiotic use.


Will I need a referral?

The answer is no but if you would like to bring the cost of your consultations with the specialist down then you will require one. Medicare offers a rebate on consultations for patients with a current referral and medicare card. No rebate is available on any of the FMT treatment.


How much will it cost?

Contact our rooms for information on costs. Costs will vary depending on the length of treatment, site of procedure and administering method. 

Can I use my private health?

Unfortunately no, FMTs are seen as a new and experimental treatment method, therefore private health will not cover any of the expenses.


Can I get frozen enemas?

Once approved for treatment by our specialist you can purchase frozen enemas from our rooms. Keep in mind they need to be stored correctly and then defrosted for use in a specific way.


Do I need to have my first enema via Colonoscopy?

No you don't, but we do recommend it. A colonoscopy is the best way to seed the very top of the colon with the new microbiota. This is a critical area to repopulate good bacteria. Enemas are very effective at implanting new micobiota but cannot reach that far up the colon. 


How do I make an appointment?

You can use our contact us page, or call our rooms on 9331 3122. If we are unavailable we will endeavour to return your enquiry within 24 hours.